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Scientific Business Advisors Inc., SBAI, provides scientific and business consulting services to Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Drug, and Medical Device companies and Investment Firms seeking effective strategies to address product development challenges and effective business commercialization strategies.  Consulting services span discovery, preclinical, GLP, and clinical development phases of drug and medical device development and marketing and commercialization of approved products.

Scientific Business Advisors was founded by Andrew Alexander DVM, Ph.D., MBA, DABT who has more than twenty years experience in drug and medical device development.  Dr. Alexander specializes in the development, testing, and commercialization of intravenous (IV) compounds, is an expert in preclinical infusion administration, and in developing business strategies to support these efforts.   

Dr. Alexander has expertise in a broad range of scientific and medical fields, product commercialization strategies, and provides recommendations on both the scientific and business aspects of your development project.  He has a proven track record of successful bridging the gap between science and business by providing regulatory and technical insight, sharing best practices, and ensuring project milestones align with overall business objectives.  Furthermore, he provides venture capitalist and investment firms’ unbiased assessment and vetting of drug and medical device companies seeking funding.

Contact Scientific Business Advisors if you are looking for an unbiased assessment of your product development efforts, investment objectives, or overall business strategy.  Dr. Alexander will provide a free strategy consultation to assess if your drug and medical device development projects and business objectives are best positioned for success.

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